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Embrace Our New Reality

We help communities adapt, survive, and thrive in a changing climate.


Shockwave supports projects, initiatives and organizations that build a future where communities and ecosystems are resilient in the face of climate change. Through a mixture of grants and strategic investments, we support activities that focus on climate change adaptation and resiliency infrastructure. We prioritize projects that provide economic uplift in developing countries and provide seed funding at an early, pivotal stage. We incorporate in this work lenses on environmental justice, equity, and strive for community-first approaches.

viewing desert through lens

Recent News

Recent announcements

Galvanizing Action for Adaptation and Resilience

The Shockwave Foundation has joined a group of philanthropic leaders who launched a collective call to action on climate adaptation and resilience. We need significant momentum to scale adaptation action as we accelerate climate change mitigation work in parallel.

Shockwave Strategy

Guidelines for potential partners about what kind of projects we do and do not fund.

Resilient Agriculture Innovations for Nature Challenge Finalists

Ten early stage initiatives, with an innovative approach that leverages the creativity of their communities, were chosen through a rigorous selection process. The RAIN Challenge will support them by providing a tailored mentoring program and communications tools to strengthen their messaging and prepare them to pitch to investors.

Partnership Updates

Our most recent investment and grant news.

Forward Global

$20,000 /

Mobilizing a global network of strategic funders bound together by their commitment to excellence, collective action and entrepreneurial approaches to the world’s most urgent issues.

Pacific Institute

$50,000 /

Creating and advancing solutions to the world’s most pressing water challenges.

The Nature Conservancy: Water Fund

$300,000 /

Tackling the dual threats of accelerated climate change and unprecedented biodiversity loss.

The Way We Work

We use seed funding to initiate organizational momentum.

We act as a convener, catalyst, and enabler.

We prioritize low-resource and high-impact solutions.

We focus our partnerships on those most affected by climate.

We operate globally.

We value patience and long-term relationships.

We support fairness and transparency.

We promote diverse viewpoints.

We prioritize listening and learning.