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Paul Traina

CEO and Founder, Shockwave
San Francisco, CA

Paul’s investments and non-profit work focus on projects that improve food and water security for communities on the front line of the global climate crisis. In addition to Shockwave, he serves on the board of The Pacific Institute, is a partner at Silicon Valley Social Ventures (SV2), a member of The Philanthropy Workshop, a mentor at both Santa Clara University’s Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship and a consultant for Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies, better known as Stanford SEED.

Paul is one of the second generation of Internet pioneers. He developed software and systems to allow the Internet to scale and operate today, and has a thirty-year background creating technology to bring people together and make access to information freely available.

He helped start and build Juniper Networks, where he held pivotal roles in Engineering and Corporate Development. Prior to his work at Juniper, Paul was an early employee, leading engineer and software architect at Cisco Systems.

2022 Year End: Focusing on the Long-Term

Most people view climate change as purely a source of disruption and loss. But we embrace a narrative that recognizes and honors these losses, even as we also understand that our communities, ecosystems, and economies are reorganizing and reassembling in complex ways that present new choices that many of us may not even be aware of.

Transparency in Funding

We’re sharing our internal decision making tools in an effort to make our funding more efficient and just.

2020: A Year of Crises and Opportunities

The crises of 2020 are a dystopian vision of the future. Our best chance for hope is to leverage lessons from the pandemic, democracy, equity, and climate crises to create meaningful long-term positive change.

COVID-19 update

An open letter from our CEO to our grantee and co-funding partners.