Investment & Grant Portfolio

We are always happy to discuss any of our partnership portfolio with other funders. We believe strongly in transparency and sharing due-dillegence.

+1:WASH fund image

+1:WASH fund

August, 2021 — grants — equity, systems change, water, sanitation

The pandemic has shed light on the fragility and inequality of our most foundational systems, while highlighting the innovation and resilience of locally-led, community-based organizations. To improve upon and ultimately change our failing systems for the better we must leverage this moment to support them in profoundly different ways. The +1:WASH initiative is an ambitious, collective effort to catalyze this change.

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toilet with unique collection system

change:WATER Labs

August, 2021 — investments — disaster prep, sanitation, environment

change:WATER Labs is developing a low-cost, compact, waterless toilet for non-sewered households and communities.

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women working in agricultural field

Women's Climate Centers International

July, 2021 — grants — agriculture, climate change, economic development, education, women

The Women’s Climate Center (WCCI) concept recognizes that the answer to climate security lies within the local and indigenous knowledge of women who farm, raise families and build communities throughout the world. Their ultimate goal is to share that knowledge so that agricultural yields become vigorous, safe drinking water becomes routine, water-borne disease becomes a part of history and revenue generating opportunities and newly-learned business skills unlock a more prosperous and climate resilient future for rural women and girls.

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system mapping

New Philanthropy Capital

July, 2021 — grants — open philanthropy

New Philanthropy Capital is a think tank and consultancy for the charity sector. They help charities, foundations, philanthropists, impact investors, social enterprises, corporates, and the public sector to maximize social impact in the lives of the people they serve.

We are funding development and implementation of resources to foster open philanthropy.

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map of Uganda showing FCDE districts


June, 2021 — grants — agriculture, economic development, equity

The Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment, FCDE, empowers communities to lead their own development by increasing the effectiveness and sustainability of local organizations. They help grassroots partners assess, envision and attain organizational growth to drive community change.

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Navajo Power Solar Farm

Navajo Power

January, 2021 — investments — energy, equity, indigenous, climate change

Navajo Power is a Public Benefit Corporation that develops utility-scale clean energy projects on tribal lands, and maximizes the economic benefits for local communities.

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parent holding child


December, 2020 — grants — equity, healthcare, education, HIV/AIDS

Firelight supports catalytic community-based organizations that are working with their own communities to build smart, sustainable, and potentially scalable solutions to the challenges faced by children and youth in eastern and southern Africa.

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farmer with wheat combine

Mad Agriculture Perennial Fund

December, 2020 — investments — agriculture, climate change, economic development, land stewardship

Every farmer has a different set of opportunities and challenges. For some, a community of like-minded farmers is all that is needed to revolutionize their operation. The catalyst for others can be markets that reward their stewardship of land. Some need an integrated farm plan that brings clarity and technique to their vision. Mad Agriculture meets farmers on their journey, helping them thrive in making a living growing plants and raising animals in relationship with their place.

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woman with child filling water conditioning tank

Saha Global

December, 2020 — grants — water, economic development, women, health

Saha Global brings the cleanest water to the hardest-to-reach people who need it most. They develop an entrepreneural ecosystem that provides treated clean water for people whose best alternative is gathering surface water from contaminated sources.

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SF Bay Bridge

Pacific Institute

December, 2020 — grants — water, climate change

The Pacific Institute is a global water and climate nonprofit organization that combines science-based research and policy leadership with targeted solutions to influence local, national, and international effors in developing sustainable water policies. Their mission is to create and advance solutions to the world’s most pressing water challenges.

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farmer drying coffee beans

Root Capital

December, 2020 — grants — agriculture, climate change, economic development, land stewardship

Root Capital invests in the growth of agricultural enterprises that support smallholder farmers. They seek out enterprises whose credit needs are too big for micro-finance and too small or risky for commercial banks. They provide loans ranging from $200,000 to $2 million specially tailored to harvest and sales cycles. To help businesses grow over the long-term, they also provide highly-customized training to strengthen their financial management, governance, and agronomic capacity.

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water systems development


October, 2020 — grants — water, agriculture, climate change

For 75 years, CARE has led the way to a better life for millions of vulnerable people around the world. CARE tackles poverty from multiple angles. Their Water+ programs are about more than just handwashing and clean drinking water. Their work links water to other activities so that they can make the biggest impact possible. Their programs include water for agriculture, livelihoods, nutrition, keeping girls in schools, helping women to be leaders, preventing disease outbreaks, and more.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Catalyst 2030

September, 2020 — grants — systems change, economic development, sustainable development goals

Catalyst 2030 is a network of NGOs, social enterprises, funders and other social change innovators, who are collaborating to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Initiated by leading social entrepreneurs from Ashoka, Echoing Green, the Schwab Foundation, the Skoll Foundation and other global networks of social entrepreneurs, Catalyst 2030 aims to galvanize collaboration across sectors to unleash collective potential for global systems change. Why We Partner Solving today’s most complex and intractable challenges, including climate change, requires both a systems change approach and collaborative action.

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Blood:Water healthcare partners


August, 2020 — grants — water, healthcare, HIV/AIDS

Blood:Water partners with African grassroots organizations to address the HIV/AIDS and water crises. They provide technical, financial, and organizational support so that African civil society organizations have expanded reach and effectiveness in the communities they serve. They invest in scalable, African-led organizations and support their capacity building so that the investment will be leveraged for years to come. Why We Partner When Blood:Water launched, efforts were focused on AIDS response through expanding access to safe water as an intervention with dramatic impact on slowing disease progression for those living with the virus.

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men building mesh worksite

Global Development Incubator SEED Fund

June, 2020 — grants — systems change, economic development

The Global Development Incubator (GDI) develops transformational development ventures, working to build and scale the next generation of social impact solutions. Whether these concepts originate from sector experts, or are developed and tested internally, GDI creates new approaches to address persistent global issues.

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healthcare drone delivery service

The Rise Fund

June, 2020 — investments — economic development, environment, climate change

The Rise Fund invests in companies driving measurable social and environmental impact alongside business performance and strong returns. With $4 billion under management, The Rise Fund platform works with growth-stage, high potential, mission-driven companies that have the power to change the world.

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Impact America Fund

Impact America Fund

June, 2020 — investments — economic development, equity

The Impact America Fund bridges the financial and cultural divides that have kept low- and moderate-income people of color on the sidelines of the modern economy.

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indigenous rights workshop

Land Is Life

June, 2020 — grants — climate change, human rights, indigenous, biodiversity, land stewardship, pandemics

Since 1992, Land is Life has built a trusted, global network of Indigenous communities, organizations, and leaders founded on the universal right to self-determination. They live for the day when indigenous peoples around the world are able to practice self-determination; when their human, economic, social, cultural, political and territorial rights are recognized and respected; when they are free to speak their languages, maintain their sacred traditions, and continue the work of caring for their ancestral homelands.

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healthcare worker with clients

TIP Global Health

April, 2020 — grants — healthcare, pandemics

TIP Global Health (formerly known as the Ihangane Project) is a nonprofit healthcare organization that began in 2008 as a grassroots effort to address health challenges in Rwanda. They have evolved into a highly effective model for delivering primary health care to vulnerable people everywhere – and a leader in the design and implementation of local health care delivery systems.

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TPW conference

The Philanthropy Workshop

April, 2020 — grants — philanthropy, education, systems change

The Philanthropy Workshop is a network of over 450 individuals committed to solving the world’s most pressing social issues. As the largest network of its kind, TPW engages people who seek to leverage their time, talent, resources and networks for sustainable impact.

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radio operator


December, 2019 — grants — disaster prep, equity

Power and Resilience Through Experiential Education (PaRTEE) seeks to address the problem of equitable access to disaster preparation and response resources around the intersection of Queer, Transgender, and People of Color in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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marshland wetscape

Renewable Resources Group

March, 2019 — investments — water, agriculture, land stewardship

Renewable Resources Group (RRG) is an asset management firm specializing in rural land, agriculture, water, conservation, and renewable energy. Since its founding in 2003, the Los Angeles-based firm has developed over 2 million acre-feet of water projects, 1.5 gigawatts of solar energy, and 840 megawatts of wind energy. It has also owned and managed over 100,000 acres of agricultural land.

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Scott River landscape

Scott River Watershed Council

February, 2019 — grants — water, biodiversity, land stewardship

Scott River Watershed Council’s mission is to facilitate communication and science-based collaborative solutions for natural resource concerns in Scott Valley.

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child reaching into well

Sabore's Well

September, 2018 — grants — water, economic development

Sabore’s Well was founded in January 2009. The organization has drilled boreholes that have helped the Maasai community by bringing water collection points closer to the villages. It has installed large water storage tanks to allow for constant and immediate access to safe clean drinking water.

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+1 WASH - Deeper, Sustainable, Impactful

Join us on our journey to change philanthropic funding, empower local change makers and build sustainable solutions for Water Access, Sanitation, and Hygiene.

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