We are at a turning point. From the wildfires of the Western US to flooding in Niger, climate change is here. Water resources across the world will be under increasing stress as the world warms. Products and services that allow individuals, governments and companies to navigate this change will see more and more demand. Entrepreneurs are emerging with the skill and insight to meet that demand, developing solutions to water problems at scale. Burnt Island Ventures exists to find, fund and support the best of these founders.

Why We Partner

We believe that adapting to climate change is critical, and investing in technologies that aid in the transition to more intelligent water use not only matches our values but makes great financial sense. Tom, the founder of BIV, intimately knows the space, promising technologies, and the actors who are most likely to succeed.


We at Shockwave always look for multiple benefits and believe that catalyzing the market will build strong and lasting advances in the fight to both adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change we’re seeing today. In this case, our impact thesis is to find great organizations, and make educated guesses who to support, with reasonable certainty that we’ll make a dent.