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Copper Mountain Solar
Image courtesy of Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company invests in renewable energy infrastructure assets in North America.

The fund buys equity stakes in already-constructed or ready-for-construction solar and wind farms, primarily in the United States, for their income. Ready-for-construction projects typically have long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) set up with utilities and many other permissions and steps completed before the fund invests in them, making execution of construction projects and ongoing management the key risks of the investments, rather than development risk. The PPAs provide a long and stable source of revenue for these projects as long as they keep generating electricity.

Why We Partner

Their theory of change is simple–scaling up existing clean energy technologies by investing in infrastructure assets, financing construction and operation of clean energy assets that can replace fossil fuel sourced energy in the United States. By developing a portfolio of clean energy assets that can then be sold to larger investors, they create new investor demand for investing in renewable energy infrastructure amongst investors who would not otherwise invest in individual projects or small portfolios of such projects.


More clean energy.

Impact measurements are linked to the amount of energy produced from clean energy sources and equating it with carbon emissions avoided.