At its core, solar is a simple, predictable, and widely available source of energy. GSSG is committed to creating the world’s premier solar-only investment firm.

Why We Partner

We believe that by focusing entirely on Solar, GSSG creates greater competency when it comes to analysis and investment in viable solar projects.

Use of non-combustible energy sources like solar are critical to de-carbonization of our energy grids. We believe that investing in technology that reduces our carbon footprint is a critical part of the equation to reduce pressure on communities already adversely being affected by climate change.

We believe that GSSG has the experience to discover and finance climate-smart solar projects and has demonstrated a commitment to climate impact as well as support for local communities.


Since inception, they have invested in over 450MW of solar projects primarily located in Japan with a portion in Taiwan and the U.S, and have acquired a 2.8 GW pipeline, financing over 100 projects.