Horizon Environment and Climate solutions is a one billion dollar fund that will make approximate 16 growth equity investments into businesses that support one of five themes: “ecosystem services and water”; waste and materials; sustainable food and agriculture; sustainable transport; and clean energy.

Why We Partner

We believe that sustainable investments are currently undervalued as a sector, and that by investing in growth-oriented private equity, we can put our financial corpus to work by doubling the effect (and hopefully with significant returns) for cycling the profits into eventual grantmaking.


Horizon Partners has invested hundreds of millions of dollars over the past year in companies that promote environmental sustainability and climate solutions. Some of these investments made last year are as follows:

  • $100 million in Northvolt which is playing a key part in sustainably producing batteries to power electric vehicles.
  • $25 million in Mitigation Investment Holdings, which seeks to provide solutions for infrastructure developers to offset impacts to wetlands and streams. The Partnership restores, establishes and enhances wetlands and streams to offset industrial development.
  • $21 million in Central States Water Resources, which seeks to upgrade deficient water systems. Monthly they treat over 191 million gallons of wastewater and produces 130 million gallons of potable water.