Impact America Fund
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The Impact America Fund bridges the financial and cultural divides that have kept low- and moderate-income people of color on the sidelines of the modern economy.

They make early-stage investments in tech-driven businesses that create new frameworks of ownership and opportunity within marginalized communities. They also help their founders get traction with institutional investors, who often don’t have the expertise or lived experience in these communities to appreciate the huge opportunities at hand.

Why We Partner

This is as much a market opportunity as a chance to do right. Founders of color who have different life experiences have the vision and access to provide goods and services to underserved markets.

We can’t say it more succinctly than this quote:

“We’ve found that entrepreneurs from overlooked communities combine a deep understanding of the problems they are solving, how to build and scale a business around them, and a profound, personal sense of impact. There’s no shortage of bold ideas and investable businesses coming from these communities. The shortage is of investors with the cultural fluency to find and fuel these opportunities.” — Kesha Cash, Founder & General Partner in Tideline’s The Alpha In Impact


The Impact America Fund is a smart investment that builds ethical, inclusive, and sustainable outcomes for African-Americans.

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Impact America Fund
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United States

Date Awarded
June 2020