marshland wetscape
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Renewable Resources Group (RRG) is an asset management firm specializing in rural land, agriculture, water, conservation, and renewable energy. Since its founding in 2003, the Los Angeles-based firm has developed over 2 million acre-feet of water projects, 1.5 gigawatts of solar energy, and 840 megawatts of wind energy. It has also owned and managed over 100,000 acres of agricultural land.

Why We Partner

We are firm believers in a blended impact portfolio involving both philanthropic grants and impact investments that align with our values, ranging from investing in small indigenous farms in Mesoamerica and Africa, to securing water sustainability through trading water and land rights.

Many non-profits try to work around or bypass existing markets, whereas we seek to employ and improve market conditions to make it attractive for companies to operate as good stewards of the environment.

We invested in their Sustainable Water Impact Access Fund. This fund was attractive because of the nature of their partnership with the Nature Conservancy . TNC both advises and supervises to verify the positive impact of each investment and has veto power to stop any investment that does not provide environmental value.


This investment provides direct positive impact by improving the efficiency of water and serves as a model for others to engage in profitable environmental stewardship.

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Renewable Resources Group
water, agriculture, land stewardship
Western United States, Australia

Date Awarded
March 2019
Project Duration
5 years