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Saha Global brings the cleanest water to the hardest-to-reach people who need it most. They develop an entrepreneural ecosystem that provides treated clean water for people whose best alternative is gathering surface water from contaminated sources.

This year, they launched the Coronavirus Emergency Water Fund (EWF) to ensure that the last-mile villages where they work are included in the government’s efforts to provide free water to all Ghanaians.

Why We Partner

Saha Global’s entrepreneurial approach to sustainable clean water aligns with our focus on incorporating economic uplift into sustainable development solutions. Because climate-change affects the reliability and sustainability of surface water gathering, they provide a way to safely make use of more water sources.

They put women at the heart of their approach, training them to start and run small, rural water treatment businesses. In parallel, they launch behavior change campaigns, educating families about the importance and benefits of clean water while also listening and learning from them about the barriers they face to clean water consumption.


Saha Global is another example of an organization that provides cross-benefit impact with a single mission. They increase the sustainability of communities by allowing the safe use of more surface water sources; they improve the health outcomes of villagers who otherwise incorporate contaminated water in their daily use; they provide women-focused economic uplift through an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our unrestricted capacity-building grant will allow them to rapidly develop infrastructure where they need it most.

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Saha Global
water, economic development, women, health
surface water users, women entrepreneurs
Africa, Ghana

Date Awarded
December 2020