The Nature Conservancy’s Resilient Watersheds strategy’s goal is to conserve freshwater ecosystems and help communities adapt to climate change by mainstreaming investments in nature-based solutions (NbS) in the water sector. They’re making investments in nature the norm by helping a critical mass of early adopters–utilities, regulators, financiers, corporations, and communities–to implement watershed investment programs in key markets.

Why We Partner

Our support of TNC’s work in adaptation science is critical to unlocking funding for nature-based adaptation projects from multi-national lenders, and to partnering with ministerial, regulatory, and utility champions to conserve biodiverse water towers in Kenya and South Africa that supply water for communities and industries


Via co-funding, we provided $600,000 to support TNC for three years for the following activities:

Disseminating the NbS for Adaptation Report

Building on our prior investments, TNC will launch and disseminate the results of their NbS for Adaptation Report to bring attention to nature as a key component for building climate resilience.

Adaptation Measures Tool

TNC will develop an approach for assessing adaptation benefits and expand their existing WaterProof tool to help projects quantify potential adaptation benefits.

Adaptation in DFI Trainings

Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) have made public commitments to increase their investment in adaptation, but are struggling to quantify the “added resilience” those projects would provide, especially when it comes to NbS projects. The TNC team will incorporate outcomes from the NbS for Adaptation Report.