Water Initiative for Net Zero (WINZ) is an advocacy initiative that aims to mobilize investment to reduce and capture carbon emissions through improved water utilization, reduce water risks and promote win-win opportunities in carbon management, and advocate for climate action that enhances water resilience.

Why We Partner

Nearly all climate mitigation measures either depend upon or will impact freshwater systems. In addition, there are untapped opportunities to reduce and capture emissions through improved water and sanitation management and the protection of freshwater ecosystems. Without dedicated action to mainstream water resilience into climate mitigation planning, we run the risk of investments undermining the resilience of our natural systems.

WINZ has grown as a global, volunteer-led movement of collaborators to address the clear water gap in carbon action. Our funding will help support WINZ’s secretariat who will drive this global network to reduce and capture emissions in the water sector, mainstream methods to assess water risks and opportunities in carbon management, and advocate climate actions to enhance socio-ecological resilience.


WINZ will engage directly with climate policymakers who focus on nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and similar policy instruments to ensure water resilience is accounted for in the Paris Alignment process. WINZ will also engage the climate mitigation community to produce straightforward guidelines to address water-related risks and opportunities in the language of financial institutions and policy makers.