Our Strategy

A short document describing our stratgegy and value propositions as an Impact Investor and Grant Funder including a background on the problems we’re trying to solve, our approach towards investing, the types of work we fund, and and our priority areas.

Our Due-Diligence and Administration Practices

In the interest of transparency to our partners, as well as providing resources and inspiration for others, we are sharing our process and sample templates we use for evaluating grant requests.

These are living documents and change over time as we gain experience and our theory of change evolves.

These are free to use, modify and share to augment or become the basis of your own process, or just investigate what goes through a funders mind. We welcome others to critique them and incorporate them in their own work, but we ask that if you publish them or create derivative works from them, that you provide proper attribution to Shockwave. Please contact us with any questions.