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Collaborating for Resilience

— $50,000.00 — grants — agriculture, biodiversity, climate change, economic development
Collaborating for Resilience (CoRe) reduces environmental resource conflicts by providing tools to civil society organizations to catalyze collective action. They work to influence policy and investor priorities. They are an international, non-profit, entrepreneurial change initiative working to address resource competition, and strengthen governance and livelihood resilience in interconnected resource domains and landscapes, including agricultural lands, forests, fisheries, inland waterways and coastal zones. They foster innovations that sustain critical ecosystem services, build resilient local economies and increase social and economic well-being.

Land Is Life

— $40,000.00 — grants — climate change, human rights, indigenous, biodiversity, land stewardship, pandemics

Since 1992, Land is Life has built a trusted, global network of Indigenous communities, organizations, and leaders founded on the universal right to self-determination. They live for the day when indigenous peoples around the world are able to practice self-determination; when their human, economic, social, cultural, political and territorial rights are recognized and respected; when they are free to speak their languages, maintain their sacred traditions, and continue the work of caring for their ancestral homelands.

Scott River Watershed Council

— $500.00 — grants — water, biodiversity, land stewardship

Scott River Watershed Council’s mission is to facilitate communication and science-based collaborative solutions for natural resource concerns in Scott Valley.