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Forward Global

— $122,000.00 — grants — philanthropy, education, systems change

Forward Global is a network of over 450 individuals committed to solving the world’s most pressing social issues. As the largest network of its kind, they engage people who seek to leverage their time, talent, resources and networks for sustainable impact.

Agroecology Fund

— $150,000.00 — grants — agriculture, economic development, education, land stewardship

The Agroecology Fund (AEF) is a multi-donor fund supporting agroecological practices and policies. The Fund aims to support viable food systems, promote the economic well-being and human rights of small farmers and their communities, and mitigate climate change through low input agriculture featuring sustainable soil and water use. It links organizations and movements that advance agroecological solutions locally, regionally and globally.

Women's Climate Centers International

— $40,000.00 — grants — agriculture, climate change, economic development, education, women

The Women’s Climate Center (WCCI) concept recognizes that the answer to climate security lies within the local and indigenous knowledge of women who farm, raise families and build communities throughout the world. Their ultimate goal is to share that knowledge so that agricultural yields become vigorous, safe drinking water becomes routine, water-borne disease becomes a part of history and revenue generating opportunities and newly-learned business skills unlock a more prosperous and climate resilient future for rural women and girls.


— $35,000.00 — grants — equity, healthcare, education, HIV/AIDS

Firelight supports catalytic community-based organizations that are working with their own communities to build smart, sustainable, and potentially scalable solutions to the challenges faced by children and youth in eastern and southern Africa.